With Project Quality Group being a leading organization in its sector since 2010 and have evolved into an international-scale builder. The extensive experience and expertise in the development, design and construction of all types of structures combined with our innovative construction technologies has led the Project Quality Group name being well recognized. These prominent capabilities and a successful track record have also garnered the respect, trust and confidence of our clients and that of society.
We believe that every organization or individual getting in contact or conducting business with Project Quality Group is an added value and we approach them as a friend to make them as a part of the family. All of us are trying to create a better future and we make it happen with the help of our family by building reliable, enhancing and everlasting structures to improve society.

We would like to present our gratitude to all our employers, subcontractors, suppliers,

Employees and all kinds of stakeholders for allowing us to become a well-known brand in our sector.

Project Quality Group is waiting for more friends to join the family…

As the company’s vision, we are aiming to build reliable, enhancing and everlasting structures to improve society.

Project Quality Group

Today, Project Quality Group has evolved into a global-scale
builder. Its involvement in projects, which improve living standards
and enhance the quality of life, reflects the company’s devotion
to its founding principles and sustains its reputation as a good
corporate citizen worldwide. In every aspect of its operations, Project Quality

Group approach reflects a deep concern for the environment and an awareness of the importance of maintaining a balance between the needs of people and society and the preservation of natural resources.

Befitting its status as a truly global corporation, Project Quality Group
will continue to maintain this perspective as it contributes to the
prosperity of society through its involvement in public and private
sector projects.

Project Quality Group, maintains a workforce more than 2.000 employees located at 5 countries in Asia, Europe and Middle East.

The mission of Project Quality Group is to build on our reputation for integrity, excellence, experience and leadership as the finest contracting organization within the region.

Examination of the company’s well organized management structure would tell how Project Quality Group is investing its core to achieve this mission.

Project Quality Group has always been proud of its most reliable and valuable asset – the employees. The company has the existence of many nationalities in itself and values the experience as well as the young promising engineers.

Project Quality Group is a competent contractor of projects across a broad scope of work, with the workforce, equipment, materials, experience and financial capability to complete large and small projects on time and on budget. We marshal these resources to serve the needs of the different institutions, organizations, governmental bodies and the most important of all; the society.

As Project Quality Group, we also believe that climate change and its impact on the world is one of the important challenges of our times. How we respond to this challenge is the key to ensuring we leave the world in a better and sustainable condition for future generations. Integrating with our vision as to improve society, Project Quality Group adopts the green building concept and the company follows the principals.

We work towards in a social responsible, economical and environmental way to optimize building performance and use energy efficient methods to make use of sustainable natural resources, minimizing waste with cost effective tailor made solutions.

Promotions of these concepts are crucial for the environmental issues to have an awareness which to be developed in collaboration with trades, architects, engineers and clients.